Thursday, 11 February 2010

Web sites on London

London one of the best city's in the world, it might be one of the dirtiest but hey you can't have it all. Ive been out of work for a few months now and i had a idea for a web site so i thought what the hell ill do it. my idea is londonpics4u it offers a service mainly for people who don't live in London who want a specific building shop or anything really photographed for them, Ive also included a photo gallery and historic information. londonpics4u is still under construction and i will also be starting a page offering practical and travel information, if any one has got other ideas or content they want me to add just message me, hopefully will be a success.

I have just added a poetry section, I'm hoping that people will add their work, which you can do by emailing me just go to the contacts page. I will be giving prizes starting next month for the best photograph and the best poem each month, two separate prizes, I'm not starting it yet due to lack of people visiting the site, it is however very new and not listed on many directories yet but I'm creating more back links every day so hopefully I will soon get a couple hundred people visiting soon a day.